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Windshield Camera Realibration

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) utilize windshield cameras

Is that a camera mounted on my windshield? It may very well be! As a continuing step toward autonomous (self driving) vehicles manufacturers are utilizing front-facing cameras as part of your vehicle's advanced driver assistance safety system (ADAS). These systems are designed to protect you, your vehicle, other vehicles and pedestrians. Virtually all car manufacturers specify recalibration of camera systems after a windshield replacement is performed to ensure their accuracy.

Don't wait days or weeks for your ADAS calibration service. Call Us! (850) 476-6340   Same Day Service. M-F 8am-5pm.

Correct Calibration Services (CCS)was created to simplify the process and provide a convenient and reliable solution to the recalibration after windshield installation dilemma that many auto owners are facing these days. Utilizing our in-house approach ensures the most efficient means of recalibrating the ADAS camera systems for virtually all years, makes and models both foreign and domestic. Select CCS's technicians have received training and certification to recalibrate camera systems and are always available to complete the process as part of the windshield replacement appointment so there is no gap in safety coverage between the windshield replacement and arranging a recalibration with the dealer.

To ensure your safety and minimize any inconvenience to you, CCS provides windshield replacement recalibration services in both our Pensacola & Crestview, FL locations. For more information or to receive an estimate for ADAS Calibration after a windshield replacement, fill out the free estimate form to or call us. We're here to help.

* Note to Consumers: Florida Law requires ALL insurance companies to pay the FULL COST for windshield repair or replacement if you hold a Florida comprehensive insurance policy on your vehicle. No deductibles can be applied. No out of pocket expense to you. In most cases, the cost of recalibration is included.


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